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Research paper on surface computing pdf

Research paper on surface computing pdf

Research paper on surface computing pdf

directly with a touch-sensitive screen. Surface computer is able to recognize physical objects. This research includes the basic features, history, applications, advantages, disadvantages, working and structure of surface computing. Various papers based on this have been studied and an overview has been presented here. the design, development and evaluation of a surface computing application that supports idea generation, collaborative decision making and group artifact construction. The paper starts by covering related research literature and continues with the description of the design and development of Ideas Mapping and its use in 9 Apr 2009 Microsoft Research. One Microsoft Way. Redmond, WA 98052 USA. {merrie, awilson} ABSTRACT. Many surface computing prototypes have employed gestures created by system designers. . sheets of paper when passing them on tables and designed their TNT gesture to emulate this whereas image processing based touch-screens are massive but for low-cost surface computers with the capability of both touch Research on multi-touch sensing surfaces using image processing has started back in 1982 and ever since then The tracing paper also serves the purpose of projection of the display when a research, the final hardware design (seen today) was finalized in 2005. Also in 2005, Wilson and Bathiche introduced the concept compare and contrast essay topics of surface computing in a paper for Gates twice- yearly “Think Week,” a time Gates takes to evaluate new ideas and technologies for the company. 4. From Prototype to Product. The very next At home with surface computing. January 1, 2012. Download PDF BibTex This paper describes a

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field study of an interactive surface deployed in three family homes. The tabletop technology provides a central The field study is one of the first of a surface computer within a domestic environment. Our goal is to uncover screen technology affords, allowing surface computing interactions to extend „beyond the display‟. the rear projection-vision system used in many research prototypes (e.g. [7, 16, 22, 31, 32]) and now even In this paper we present a new surface technology called. SecondLight which carries all the benefits of rear Surface Computing for Older Adult Health Care Support. Anne Marie Piper, Ross Campbell, James D. This paper examines accessibility issues of surface comput- ing with older adults and explores the appeal of . practices for the design of surface comput- ing and subsequent interaction is a persistent research ques-. Microsoft Surface. Technology. Vitaly Friedman. Seminar UAdvances in Human Computer InteractionV. Saarland University, 0*/12/200+ Features of Surface Computing. Multi-touch contact (demo, popularm, 00:37, 01:15). Digital content is . To share a hand-written paper sketch. place a photo on the Surface,. In this research paper we propose a model that shall be meeting the future human computer interaction needs possessing linguistic human computer interference environment based on surface technology, automation and photonic computing, which would be reliable, efficient and quicker satisfying all the future artificial. KEYWORDS: Surface computing, interactive tabletops, gestures. INDEX TERMS: H.5.2 [Information Interfaces In this paper, we build upon our prior work by comparing the. User-Defined Gesture Set to gestures Surface computing technologies have become a focus of research and commercial interest in recent years Multi-Touch, Multi- Touch Screen, Multi- Touch Surface, Computing, Gesture Analyzer. 1. INTRODUCTION. 1.1. Background and Purpose. The goal of this paper is to introduce a gesture analyzing software library, which works as an . The

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work was divided into three major parts: Research, Design and Implementation. Large surface computing devices (wall-mounted or tabletop) with touch interfaces and their application to collaborative data analysis, an increasingly important and We have reviewed hundreds of recent research papers, and report on advancements in the fields of surface-enabled collaborative analytic work, interactive This paper contributes results from an empirical study of on-skin input, an emerging technique for controlling mobile devices. Skin is INTRODUCTION. An emerging stream of research proposes skin as an input surface for mobile computing [3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 19, 23]. Miniaturization of electronic components enables increas In this paper we study whether familiarity with other environments influences how users approach interaction with a multi-touch surface computer as well as how efficiently those users complete a simple task. Inspired by the need for object manipulation in information visualization applications, we asked users to carry out an 4 Apr 2009 Natural user interfaces (NUI) such as multitouch and surface computing are positioned as the next major evolution in computing and user interfaces. .. paper uses insights from the critical humanist tradition to argue for the urgent need to consider the facts of mortality, dying, and death in HCI research. The rapidly-developing world of multi-touch tabletop and surface computing is open- ing up new possibilities for In this paper we explore how users interact with large numbers of small objects. We discuss an but research on pen gestures is relatively advanced compared to multi-touch gestures. Pen-based gestures for Surface computing is the use of a specialized computer GUI in which traditional GUI elements are replaced by intuitive, everyday objects. Instead of a keyboard and mouse, the user interacts with a surface. Typically the surface is a touch-sensitive screen, though other surface types like non-flat three-dimensional objects The success of cognitive computing will not be measured by Turing tests or a computers ability to mimic humans. seminal paper “Man-Computer Symbiosis.” Much of modern computing is based on Lickliders requests and financial data to surface insights to help them make investment recommendations. Companies in 20 Dec 2013 In this paper, a steerable, interactive projection display that has the shape of a disk is presented. Interactivity is provided through sensitivity to the contact of multiple fingertips and is achieved through the use of a RGBD camera. The surface is mounted on two gimbals which, in turn, provide two rotational 3 Oct 2010 Microsoft is looking to extend its surface-computing work into the spatial-computing arena with a new research project known as LightSpace. 21 Apr 2015 Flux: Multi-Surface Computing in Android. Alexander Vant Hof. †‡ IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY. Abstract. With the continued proliferation of mobile . This paper presents the design and implementation of Flux. Section 2 gives an overview of Android. 15 Apr 2014 As wearable technology assumes an increasingly important function in daily life, sensors and other electronic devices applied directly to the skin, in form. construction. The paper starts by covering related research literature and continues with the description of the design and development of Ideas Mapping and its use in two studies aiming to understand the affordances of surface computing for collaborative decision making. The paper concludes with a discussion of the key 9 Apr 2009 surface computing are positioned as the next major evolution in computing Multitouch, surface computing, NUI, natural user interface, touch Microsoft Research. One Microsoft Way. Redmond, WA 98052, USA CHI 2009 ~ Workshops. April 4-9, 2009 ~ Boston, MA, USA. 4767 In this research, we focus specifically on motion gestures. Researchers In this paper, we describe the results of a guessability study. [27] for motion Our work suggests that these consistent logical mappings would on writing the college application essay extend to paradigms beyond just surface and mobile computing. If the effects persist for other computing. ing, both extensive topics. We further distinguish three sub- types: 1. no known solution. 2. partial, ineffective, or inefficient solution. 3. insufficient knowledge or resources for implementation or deployment. To provide examples of each, we look at recent research on tangible and surface computing. The CHI 97 paper Tangi-.

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