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NIGERIAN Wedding Photography

NIGERIAN Wedding Photography

Especially in Igbo tribes, it is customary for the bride’s family members to provide any prospective grooms with a summary of things he must buy for them before they offer their blessing for the wedding. This could add old-fashioned things such as meals delicacies or contemporary devices such as for instance white items. In the event that groom cannot get the things, he should offer financial settlement for them, utilizing the females for the bride’s household evaluating whether his efforts are satisfactory.

Tradition also states that Igbo couples shouldn’t marry before their older siblings, therefore younger siblings are required to postpone their wedding until it is their change.

The grooms are expected to prove their worth by being lashed without showing pain to illustrate their courage and endurance in Hausa and Fulani tribes.

Demonstrating Your Worth

While many Nigerian brides now choose to wear a wedding that is white due to their spiritual ceremony, it’s still customary to own a “family cloth” known in Yoruba as aso ebi that signifies the household ties at a marriage. A few will choose a specific color theme or fabric that they’d like their guests to put on and their particular families will generate clothes that match this, making the bride and groom’s family members instantly identifiable at a Nigerian wedding.

Many brides may also turn into their aso ebi threads throughout the reception or choose for a conventional lace blouse and colorful kaftan-style skirt with a matching headpiece and coral beads.

Wedding Attire

Into the day that is modern it is quite common for Nigerian couples to have two marriage ceremonies – a western-style ceremony and a spiritual ceremony including conventional rituals.

At Yoruba weddings, it is customary for a groom along with his visitors to prostrate on their own at the bride’s family members in a show of respect, and for the groom to transport his bride that is new to he has got the power to provide for her in their wedding.

Ijaw custom needs a bride to show an unsmiling demeanor throughout her marriage ceremony, until her groom provides her a financial present whenever she actually is finally permitted to smile. In Igbo tradition, a groom would be needed to choose their bride from three veiled ladies and get a get a cross their hands which he gets it appropriate!


Probably one of the most popular Nigerian wedding traditions would be to shower the newlyweds with cash if they move on the party flooring the very first time at their reception celebration. It’s the bridesmaids’ task to gather the amount of money for safekeeping before every person can strike the party flooring to commemorate.

Nigerian weddings are celebrated due to their dancing that is lively popular choreographed dances such as for example Azonto russian brides law and order svu, Kukere and Skelewu, because of the celebration going well to the evening. It’s customary for the bride’s mom to take care of the reception, although people of both edges regarding the family members gives the other person trays of meals to symbolize their brand new union.

Rituals of NIGERIAN Weddings

Day• We love all the color and vibrancy of Nigerian weddings and the opportunity to capture this through beautiful and engaging images of your special.

• We understand that each ritual you decide on is reflective of your Nigerian cultural heritage and feel privileged to become a part of this knowledge about you.

• Nigerian wedding festivities tend to be really luxurious affairs, with high-end decoration and details for many years to come that we love to document so you can remember them.

• The color of aso ebi at Nigerian weddings actually makes pictures “pop” and highly reflects the significance of household to your wedding couple.

The Reason We Love Photographing Nigerian Weddings

We also have a meeting that is final our partners before their wedding, gives you a way to share every one of the social elements and rituals you have actually selected for the big day.

We realize that Nigerian weddings tend to be big affairs, therefore we always bring a group of photographers, lead by yours undoubtedly (Henry Chen), to make sure that no minute is over looked.

Utilizing camera that is high-quality, including quick contacts and state-of-the-art lighting techniques, we all know how exactly to freeze most of the party flooring action this is certainly a fundamental piece of Nigerian parties.

How Exactly We Approach Nigerian Weddings

• Nigerian weddings are frequently on a scale that is large therefore we recommend you spend money on a marriage planner to manage most of the logistical details, ensuring it is possible to flake out and certainly enjoy every single moment.

• If photography is just a priority, be certain to schedule in enough time in your big day schedule for all of us to fully capture your entire ceremony details and reception decoration, along with breathtaking few portraits and household formals.

• It’s an idea that is good check with your wedding planner the Nigerian and Western elements you wish to assemble on your own wedding day for them to offer their suggestions about simple tips to achieve this seamlessly.

• whenever writing your wedding invites, allow your guest realize about the “family cloth” customized and ask them to just simply simply take spend either the bride or side that is groom’s of family members.

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